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04 November 2020The Silk Road: Art, History and Exploration
10 February 2021The Power and the Glory: Art in Renaissance Rome

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The Silk Road: Art, History and Exploration Dr Susan Whitfield Wednesday 04 November 2020

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Dr Susan Whitfield is a writer, scholar, lecturer and traveller of the Silk Roads. She has lectured and written widely on the history and arts of the Silk Roads.  
During 25 years curating the collections of over 50,000 medieval manuscripts from central Asia at the British Library, she also helped found and then developed an international collaboration working on the art and artefacts of the eastern Silk Roads.
Her latest book is Silk Roads: People, Culture and Landscapes.

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Venue: Riverside Suite, Bear Hotel, Hungerford (to be confirmed)

  1. Silver stem cup with parcel gilt decoration made in 8th-9th century China.
  2. Limestone carving with pigment of a bodhisattva head from the Buddhist rock-cut temple site at Xiangtang Mountain in southwest China, mid-6th century.
  3. Earthenware statue  of an imperial horse, made in the 7 -8th century China.