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19 February 2020Hidden Canvasses – Street Art and The City
18 March 2020Dame Zaha Hadid
15 April 2020Heritage from the Orient – The Birth of European Porcelain
20 May 2020The Norman Knight; Arms and Armour and the Bayeaux Tapestry
17 June 2020The Beauty and History of Frames

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Hidden Canvasses – Street Art and The City Doug Gillen Wednesday 19 February 2020

There's more to the world of street art than Banksy, Hidden Canvases is a beginner's guide to the biggest art movement since pop art.  From train writing in New York to interactive technology that brings murals to life, the concept of un-commissioned public art is a very different beast to that which it once was.  Hidden Canvases explores the key stages in street art's growth examining the different elements and styles that comprise the scene with no rules.  From the international superstars to the local underground heroes you're guaranteed to leave knowing your Invader from you Aryz and who knows you might even start looking at the world a little differently.

Doug Gillen is heavily involved in documenting the street art scene in London and abroad through his project Fifth Wall TV, and can offer a genuine insight into this world. Previously lectured for London Art and More, and when not filming he is an East End tour guide for Alternative London, specialising in culture and art.