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18 September 2019David Hockney: The Old Master of Modern Art
16 October 2019Three Great Families and their Gardens; a History of the Astors, Rothchilds & Sackville Wests
20 November 2019The Queen of Instruments: the Lute within Old Master Paintings
18 December 2019Snakes, Saints and Pawnbrokers – The Truth about Christmas
15 January 2020Home Sweet Home: Victorian Interiors 1840 to 1910
19 February 2020Hidden Canvasses – Street Art and The City
18 March 2020Dame Zaha Hadid
15 April 2020Heritage from the Orient – The Birth of European Porcelain
20 May 2020The Norman Knight; Arms and Armour and the Bayeaux Tapestry
17 June 2020The Beauty and History of Frames

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David Hockney: The Old Master of Modern Art Douglas Skeggs Wednesday 18 September 2019

From the early sixties, when he left the Royal College of Art more famous than his teachers, Hockney's paintings have shown a charm and humour that sets them apart from others of his generation. A naturally gifted draftsman, his love of ingenious visual devices has led him to experiment with a whole range of techniques, from stage design to coloured paper making. From the early abstract expressionist images, through his famous Californian scenes of swimming pools to the photo-montages of mid-eighties, this lecture follows the career of an artist whose wit and imagination has never faltered.

Douglas Skeggs was the director of 'The New Academy of Art Studies' for three years and is presently a regular lecturer at 'The Study Centre', Christie's course 'The History of Art Studies' and other London courses. Among his more improbable venues for lectures are the bar on the QE2, MI5 headquarters, the Captain's Room at Lloyds, and an aircraft hanger in a German NATO base. Overseas he has lectured in Belgium, France, Germany and Spain, and has taken numerous tours around Europe. He helped set up the Abercrombie & Kent "Private Label tours" and is presently cultural adviser to Ultimate Travel. He has written and presented various TV documentaries, notably the Omnibus programme on 'Whistler' and the exhibition video on 'William Morris.' Three one-man exhibitions of his paintings have been held in England and Switzerland.