The Arts Society Hungerford (formerly Hungerford DFAS) is a member society of the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS) which is a worldwide organisation based on a love of the Decorative and Fine Arts.

The aim of the Society is to provide an appreciation and study of the decorative and fine arts. We are a new Society and have a programme of lectures which started in January 2015 from first class speakers, experts in their field. They cover a wide range of topics in the fine and applied arts, including architecture, furniture, music, ceramics, paintings and many others. In addition we have arranged visits to historic houses, museums and galleries and other places of interest. There are also Study Days to look at a subject in greater depth.

As we develop, we are beginning to expand into other traditional Arts Soceity activities, including Young Arts, Church Recording and Heritage Vounteering. We are part of the Wyvern area, and further information on their events etc can be found on




Wrap up well!
Unfortunately we have to turn the heating off in the auditorium during the lectures because otherwise members in the back rows cannot hear over the noise of the fans. Please come prepared for this and wear an extra layer!

32 new members have joined the Society from the waitlist for the 2019/20 season but we were unable to offer places to everyone on the list. Membership places will be offered for next season from the waitlist in strict chronological order. To download your Application Form, please click on "Our Society", then choose "Documents".  The Application Form is near the top of the list.


Our email address is: